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Eckrosh Marketing is a full-service media management company with over 20 years experience in strategic media planning and buying services.  We offer a wide range of tools and expertise for both local and national clients.

Engaging the consumer in a meaningful, unexpected and break-through manner is increasingly difficult in today’s fragmented and time-starved world. Your consumers are constantly bombarded by a myriad of choices every day and have ever more power and options to zap, ignore or reject your delivery.

Eckrosh Marketing specializes in finding the most effective and cost-efficient path to your customers. We create strategic media solutions using a variety of tactics, from local grass roots to broad, market wide mass reach. It’s our task to break through the clutter and deliver your message in the most targeted way at the most opportune moment. Accordingly, we view every new assignment with a fresh eye: something that must perform under a new set of rules in a new world of clutter.

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