Strategic Media Planning for all media including:

Behavioral/Contextual Web

Spot/Network TV & Cable

Spot/Network Radio

Consumer/Business Print


Out-of-Home Media

Pay-per Click/SEMSocial Networking

Mobile Marketing

Guerilla Marketing

Sponsorship/Event/Promotional Marketing

Media Placement

Eckrosh Marketing blends years of expertise with the latest buying tools to deliver quality broadcast buys for less than the standard market rate. However, stretching your budget is not our only goal. All of our broadcast buys adhere to strict buying guidelines, ensuring that you receive quality placement that is documented and verified.

Not only are we expert negotiators in obtaining the most favorable rates possible, we are also adept at placing your message in the most highly visible and tactical position within each medium. In addition, we consistently obtain added value for our clients through merchandising, promotions and tie-ins.


We offer access to syndicated research such as MRI, Simmons and Scarborough to better identify target markets and consumers, and to garner the nuances that separate great strategies from average ones. Every media plan is assembled only after thorough research and careful consideration, and every media buy is placed after exploring all options for optimal efficiencies.  It is this strategic and analytical approach that is a cornerstone of Eckrosh Marketing.